Thursday, June 17

President Trump fires US election security official ?

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President Trump fires US election security official UN agency rejected fraud claims..The US Department of Office of Homeland Security director Christopher Hans Adolf Krebs, UN agency had spearheaded a campaign to counter rumours concerning citizen fraud in 2020 elections, has been

“The recent statement by Chris Hans Adolf Krebs on the protection of the 2020 Election was extremely inaccurate, therein there have been huge improprieties and fraud,” Trump wrote in an”Therefore, effective right away, Chris Hans Adolf Krebs has been terminated as Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.


The tweets, from Trump’s verified Twitter account, were flagged by the social media platform for promoting info.Joe Biden has been electoral following president of the us, with a good lead in each the body and within the common vote.President Trump has refused to concede, uttering allegations of fraud.

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